Pedro teaches a variety of dance styles.

Which ones are you interested in?

Mambo On2

The On2 salsa timing is known as New York style and it's the most common salsa style in the world. You will learn how to master basic steps then progress into shines and partner work. The lessons will also cover proper weight change, body movement and hand styling.


Originated from Dominican Republic, it is now a popular style which is danced all over the world. The most notable feature is the hip movement on the 4th beat. This style is suitable for all levels and the lessons are designed to seamlessly get beginners dancing socially within 5 lessons.

Cuban Salsa

Also known as Casino, this style consists of dancing in a circular motion rather than linear. It is a popular style at social dancing events due to the iconic "Salsa Rueda” which is a synchronised group dance where partners are exchanged constantly.

Afro Cuban

This dance style has a strong connection to the tribal rituals performed in African countries. The lessons will cover body movement techniques which stems from Cuban folkloric traditions, and accompanied with a fusion of Salsa (Mambo On2).


The name of the dance derives from the shuffling sound of the dancers' feet when they dance two consecutive quick steps. Cha-Cha is a fun and dynamic style, which makes up one of the five "Latin American" styles for ballroom dance.

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Group Class

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Private Lesson

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